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Full System Recovery
Reinstalling your UMC back to factory default settings

Elonex ONE / ONE+ Recovery
Please download the relevant restore image for your UMC from the link on the right. The file is zipped so please extract the file and copy it to your wrist vault. You can find details of the Recovery Procedure in the accompanying PDF.

Common queries and how to's about the ONE / ONE+

Q. Can i connect my ONE / ONE+ to my ISP email service.
Yes, the Elonex ONE / ONE+ comes with a built in email client that supports connections using POP3 and IMAP. Click here for step by step instructions on setting up the connection.

Why can't I connect to the internet?
To be honest if you are reading this page then you have no problems connecting to the internet (!!) but if you have a friend who has problems then please get them to call our support number (0871 90 296 90).
The ONE has experienced some problems connecting to BT Home Hub and Sky Broadband. There is a software update for this so please phone us for more information.

Why can't I view some webpages properly?
The ONE cant view some parts of a webpage as it does not have flash 9 (for example you cant view Youtube videos). However  sometimes you cant view this content because Java or Flash are disabled in your settings.
To enable Java and Flash open the internet and click the Settings button (the spanner and screwdriver icon in the top right corner). Under Content Options change the Java and flash options to Enabled, then press Apply. You need to close your internet browser and then reopen it for the changes to take effect.

I can't open Word documents on my ONEt.
The ONEt is compatible with Microsoft Office files (not Office 2007) so you can make and save files one your ONEt that can be opened in Word / Excel and vice versa. You must save the files as a .doc (word processor) or .xls (spreadsheet) file. 

Q. Why can't I view FLASH Content?
The ONE does not support Flash 9 which is the most common Flash format on the internet. You will still be able to use the majority of the internet so it shouldn't spoil your enjoyment of the ONE.