Elonex eTouch 1000ET Frequently Asked Questions
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How do i connect my eTouch to my WIFI?
Follow the instructions below to connect to a b/g Wi-Fi Connection:
:: From the home screen tap Settings, then Wireless and networks.
:: Then tap Wi-Fi to turn on the eTouch™’s Wi-Fi module
(please note that this will use your battery life faster).
:: Tap Wi-Fi Settings, then Add Wi-Fi Network. The eTouch™ will then automatically scan for available Wi-Fi hotspots.
:: Select the desired Wi-Fi hotspot from the list.
:: If the hotspot doesn't have a password it will automatically connect, however if it ‘secure’, a password window will pop up letting you enter the correct password. For password details refer to your ISP or the staff at the internet cafe/coffee shop etc.

Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi Connection.
If you have problems connecting your tablet to the internet via your home WI-FI, you would need to call your internet service provider, asking them to temporarily lower the internet’s security encryption key to WEP, making it an open network, which will allow the tablet to connect to the internet. Once connected, you should have no further problems with getting online on your tablet and should ask the internet provider to up the security back to its former status (whilst on the phone, this should only take a few minutes).

Setting the date and time

Some of the eTouch™’s software (like the App Market) and widgets require the date and time to be correct to function correctly. To set the time and date go to Settings > Date & time. Uncheck the Automatic setting then click Set Date, use the + and - buttons to change the date and then press Set. Click Set Time, use the + and - buttons to change the date and then press Set. Please Note: If you run completely out of battery life you will lose your time and date settings.

How do I download Apps?
You can search and download thousands of apps using the “Market” App pre-loaded on your eTouch.
NOTE: to download apps you need to be connected to Wi-Fi, have a Google Account, and have the correct time and date in your Settings.
If you don't have a FREE Google Account its quick and easy to set up when you open the Market app for the first time- just tap the 'Create' button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Once you've logged in the eTouch will remember your details so you dont have to log in next time (as long as you don't completely drain the eTouch's battery).
You can either browse for apps under the 'Apps' or 'Games' tabs which contain categories to help you find the best apps for your lifestyle. To search for an App, press the Magnifying Glass icon at the top right of the screen and using the virtual keyboard type the name of the app, for example 'Angry Birds' into the search box that pops up.

Movie Rentals
The latest version of the Android Market allows for Movie Rentals to be downloaded to any Android mobile device that has the capability to use Google's copy protection system. Devices lacking this capability may not be able to view Google rented movies.
If a movie has been rented and is unable to play on your device it can still be watched using the web based version of the Android Market that can be accessed from a PC at http://market.android.com.
Please contact Elonex Customer Support if you require further advice.

Why won’t my eTouch turn on or charge?
Check that the unit is fully charged. There should be a red light on the eTouch when the charger is plugged in and a blue one when it is powered up. If you cannot see either of these lights please contact us.

Why is my battery not showing as 100% charged even though plugged in for over 8 hours?

This is a characteristic of the Android software system.  It will often just show as 90%+ even though fully charged. This is because it is plugged in and using system resources.

Is my memory card supported and what is the maximum memory I can apply to my eTouch?

Micro SD and Micro SDHC memory cards are supported.
The maximum memory is 32 GB.

I am getting a message on screen that my SD card is damaged?
This just means that your SD card needs formatting. Go to Settings -> SD Card & Device Storage -> Format SD Card then follow the prompts to format the card.  
Is the eTouch compatible with Flash?
The eTouch 1000ET runs Google Android 2.2 which does not support Flash content embedded into web pages. This mean certain 'animated' parts of web pages or BBC iPlayer will not display.
The eTouch comes with the Android YouTube app pre-loaded which lets you search and play videos when you're connected to the internet. You can also use sites such as www.Vimeo.com to stream video content.
Can I use my mobile 3G broadband dongle?
The eTouch is currently not compatible with 3G Mobile Broadband. The telephone elements of Android have been included for future use. In your notification bar (when you swipe the bar at the top of the screen downwards) the 'No Service' notification means the eTouch is not connected to the mobile phone networks.
What accessories are available for my eTouch?
The eTouch 1000ET has an optional Keyboard case. This black, faux leather case has a built in USB QWERTY keyboard that lets you both protect your eTouch when you're out and about and also increase your productivity with a physical keyboard.
How do I transfer data from my computer to my eTouch?
The easiest way to transfer music, photos, videos or files to your eTouch is via a micro SD card or USB stick.
To browse your files and folders tap the 'OI File Manager'  which has an icon like a folder. First time you use it you need to agree to the EULA conditions by pressing Accept. You will then be presented a list of folders;
:: SD Card - if you have a micro SD Card inserted
:: uDisk - if you have a USB Flash Device connected to the USB port
:: NAND - which is the eTouch’s on-board storage
To create a new sub-folder open the SD Card/uDisk/NAND folder and press the Menu icon, then New Folder. Enter the name to create a new folder and press OK to confirm.
To copy and paste files from one folder to another, tap and hold the original file for about 1 second. A menu will pop up with options to Send (via eMail), Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, plus various other file specific options. Tap Copy (to create a duplicate of the fie) or Move. You can then navigate to the destination folder where you want to copy the file and then tap the “Copy Here” or “Move here” button to transfer the file.
Some of my software doesn't work?
Some of the features displayed on the eTouch will not be available to use such as the camera, Bluetooth etc. These parts of the software have been included for future use, or to allow thrid party hardware to be connected to the eTouch.
Most settings to applications or features on the eTouch can be accessed via the menu button, as mentioned above (top right of the screen).
For example, the alarm clock settings can be altered by accessing the menu button on the alarm clock screen and clicking on settings.
This will show alarm volume as well as snooze duration.
What can I do if my unit freezes or hangs?
If the unit is failing to load then firstly press the reset button (next to where the adapter plugs into the unit), if this fails to make a difference then try the firmware update on our website.
How to get App Shortcuts on the main screen?
The easiest way to get your downloaded applications on to the main/home screen is to press the “Menu” icon which is located on the top of the screen next to the “Home” button. This will bring up a “add to home screen”. If you click Shortcuts, then Applications, this will bring up a list of applications that you would like to create the shortcut to, simply just click on the relevant app.
Once a screen is filled with applications or icons, you can simply swipe the screen left or right and add more apps/icons to the empty pages available.
Changing the wallpaper:
This can be done by clicking the Menu button (next to the home button) on the Home screen.This will bring up the menu bar across the bottom of the screen, and the first option will be Wallpaper
Tap this and you will have the option to select the wallpaper from different places on your eTouch. Tap one (for example Gallery) which will bring up folders with your saved pictures on. Tap the folder and select the picture you wish to have as your wallpaper
You will be asked to crop the picture to the desired size
Then click Save
How do I remove notification icons? (In the top left hand corner)
Hold your finger on the bar at the top of the screen. Then drag your finger down, expanding the Notifications screen. Click on the notification and this should clear the icon.
How do I unlock my screen?
To unlock the eTouch you need to press the physical button on the front of the eTouch and then slide green padlock icon upwards until it covers the green dot.

How can I increase the Security on my eTouch?
You can increase the security settings to protect your
eTouch™ by using a unique unlock pattern. Tap to Settings
> Location and Security > Set Unlock Pattern and follow
the on-screen instructions. Please note that your unlock
pattern should use at least 4 dots and the eTouch™ will be
more secure with a greater number of dots included in the

How do I Clear the History of Web sites visited?
Open a webpage then select the Menu (top right of screen – next to the Home/House symbol). When pressed this will bring up a new menu. Select “More” and then “Settings”. Scroll down and there are options to Clear History.
Can I connect an external hard drive to my eTouch?
No, you can only connect micro SD Cards (up to 32GB) or a USB stick (up to 32GB) using the micro USB-USB adaptor supplied in the box.

My Screen appears distorted /it has bubbles across it.
Your eTouch as supplied comes with a clear screen protector on it which may have bubbles beneath it. Please remove this to ensure maximum touchscreen performance.
What Movies Can I Play On My eTouch?
Currently you can only play AVI movie files. These will need to be transferred onto your memory card to play on the eTouch. Should the movie file not be in AVI format you can convert it using software freely available from third party websites.

Can I play Apps / Games that are motion sensitive and use the accelerometer?
Currently the eTouch only supports and changes the image in two ways – horizontally and vertically. This means that it will not recognise a slight tilt which would be required meaning you will not be able to play motion sensitive games.

How do I search in You Tube / Bring up the Menu /Do anything when in an App etc.
To bring up various options including search/settings etc in each application such as YouTube/ App Market/gMail simply press the menu button located in the top right of the screen (next to the home button). 
This will then bring up a list of options along the bottom of the screen.

For technical support please call 0871 222 3456 or email support@elonex.com