Elonex eBook 700EB Firmware upgrade
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  • Firmware Update
    This firmware update addresses some minor bugs to the 700EB that may affect your enjoyment of reading.

    To complete the upgrade you need to use a computer and a mini USB cable to load the firmware onto the eBook. The upgrade will format the eBook and delete eBooks and files from your storage. You can reload your eBooks which will be stored in Digital Editions after the upgrade is completed.  Please ensure you back up all data as Elonex cannot be held responsible for data loss.

    Upgrade Procedure
    Connect your eReader to your computer using a USB to a Mini USB lead.
    Click here to download the update files.

    Un-zip the file named  700EB-FW1117 (Right click the icon and press 'Extract All'). This will create a folder (called 700EB-FW1105) with the update files in.
    Then click onto the icon named “LiveSuit” which is the software that will perform the upgrade. Click on Selectimg. In the popup that appears click on the black triangle in the “look in” box and navigate to the 700EB-FW1117 folder > Update folder then click on “Elonex-700EB-FW1117.img” and click open.
    Then click on SysUpdate.
    A message should now appear saying “please backup your important file first! Continue to update, select Yes".
    Click Yes to continue.
    A message may appear asking to boot the unit in format mode, if this does appear press Yes.

    A “Found new hardware” box should now appear.
    Click on “No not at this time” then click next.
    Click on “install from a list or specific location (advanced)” and click next.
    Then click on Browse, then navigate to the 700EB-FW1117 folder, then on LiveSuit32bit, then on USB driver.
    Then click ok > then click next. A hardware installation box may now appear. Click on continue anyway.
    This should take a few moments, and then it should say, the wizard has finished installing the software for: USB device (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8).
    Click on finish.
    A “found new hardware” box should now appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and the firmware upgrade will start automatically.
    You should now get a message saying “Update Success”. The update is now complete.