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YouTube Update
Click the following links for information on an important update to the tablet firmware that enables YouTube. Please Note: You can do this update entirely on your tablet.

1. When you're connected to Wi-Fi, browse to this page on your tablet and tap this link YouTube Update (0.2Mb) to download the upgrade.
2.   When it downloads to your 'Download history' (if you've navigated to another page just pull down the notification bar by swiping the bar at the top of the screen down) then click the 700ET-YouTube-Patch.apk file. In the windows that appear tap Open and 'Install'.
3. The upgrade will automatically install and once complete click 'Done'

Full Firmware upgrade
This firmware upgrade is to perform a full firmware reset on the tablet and is not required in most cases. NOTE: This firmware upgrade requires the use of a micro SD Card. Please follow these instructions:

1. Using your computer download the firmware (137Mb) from the link on the right:
2. Extract the file (right click the zipped file and extract it). This will create a folder called 'Script'.  
3. Copy the 'Script' folder onto the Micro SD card (but don't put it into a subfolder).  
4. Turn the tablet off.  Plug the micro SD card into the tablet then turn it on to automatically start the upgrade. The upgrade will take about 5 minutes and once complete a message showing "Upgrade Complete" will show.
5.  Remove the micro SD Card and delete the Script folder to continue using the micro SD Card. You can then reboot the tablet.
Please Note: The first time you start the tablet after performing the upgrade it will take a lot longer than usual to boot.

Movie Rentals
The latest version of the Android Market allows for Movie Rentals to be downloaded to any Android mobile device that has the capability to use Google's copy protection system. Devices lacking this capability may not be able to view Google rented movies.
If a movie has been rented and is unable to play on your device it can still be watched using the web based version of the Android Market that can be accessed from a PC at
Please contact Elonex Customer Support if you require further advice.