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Important Firmware Updates
Click the following links for information on an important update to the tablet firmware. The Firmware v1.02 upgrade fixes launch release bugs and also adds additional functionality. If you have any problems with the firmware upgrade please contact technical support for some helpful advice.

Download NXTTAB10BL Firmware Upgrade Procedure v1.02
Download NXTTAB10BL Firmware v1.02 Files (79Mb)

PLEASE NOTE. The upgrade requires a Windows XP/Vista/7 computer (32bit only) and a USB Cable. If you do not have access to these please call Elonex.

Movie Rentals
The latest version of the Android Market allows for Movie Rentals to be downloaded to any Android mobile device that has the capability to use Google's copy protection system. Devices lacking this capability may not be able to view Google rented movies.
If a movie has been rented and is unable to play on your device it can still be watched using the web based version of the Android Market that can be accessed from a PC at http://market.android.com.
Please contact Elonex Customer Support if you require further advice.